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>>  Guide rail electric energy meter
>>  Data collector
>>  Energy consumption monitoring...
>>  Electrical quantity transducer
>>  Non-electrical quantity transducer
>>  Multifunction watthour meter
>>  Intelligent electric power measure...
>>  Electromotor intelligent measure...
>>  Data table display
>>  Temperature and humidity...
>>  Other
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• Hong Kong Metro • Datun Meidian Group
• Baoshan Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd. • Shanxi Shentou 1st Power Plant
• Zhejiang Chinese medicine hospital • Anhui Datang Huaibei Power Station
• Yunnan Diandong Power Plant 4×600MW • Fujian Jiangyin Power Plant 2×600MW
• Sichuan Luzhou Power Station 2×600MW • Zhejiang Ninghai Power Station 2×1000MW
• Shanxi Guohua Jinjie Coal Power 4×600MW • Henan Hebi Power Station 3rd Stage2×600MW
• Jiangsu Guodian Changzhou Power Station2×600MW • Jiangsu Jinling Petrifaction Thermal Power Plant
• Zhejiang Guodian Beilun Power Station 2×1000MW • Shandong Taiyang Paper Industry Thermal Power Plant
• Shandong Lubei Enterprise Group Generation Company • Jiangsu HuaiAn Chuzhou Jiegan power generating project
• Liaoning Huaneng Yingkou Power Plant 2nd stage 2×600MW • Jiangsu Baoying Xiexin Biomass Environmental Friendly Thermoelectricity Co., Ltd.
• Shandong Huadian International Zouxian Power Station 4th stage2×1000MW  

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